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From Furnishings to Fixtures with Pallets

If you’ve looked at DIY projects online, then you’ve probably seen many projects that you can make with pallets. These are usually the same pallets that grocery and retail stores have in their storage area that are used to keep boxes off of the floor. Many of the projects that you can make with pallets can be used inside the home, especially if you’re looking for inexpensive decorations or furnishings.

Roman Numeral Clock

An elegant decoration that you can make for the home using pallets is a Roman numeral clock. You’ll have to put slats of the pallets together before cutting a circle out that will be used for the clock face. Once the circle is cut in the size that you want, you can paint it beige or stain the wood. Paint Roman numerals on the slats to resemble the numbers on a clock. This is among the many pallet projects that will offer a rustic appearance to the home or that you might want to make if you need something to go over the mantle of the fireplace.

A New Wall

If you’re tired of looking at the same boring walls in your home, then make an accent wall using pallets. All you have to do is sand the pallets before nailing them on one wall in the room. You can paint or stain the wall to add color. This idea adds a bit of texture to the room, and you can add details of any kind that you would add to any other wall in the home. An idea is to paint designs on the wall to add a touch of your personality.

Outside Garden

Keep all of your flower pots off the ground by making a pallet garden. This is an easy project to complete. All you have to do is sand a pallet or two and stand them up on the patio or carport where you want to showcase your plants. The slats on the back of the pallet are the shelves that will hold your flower pots. Before putting your flowers on the pallet, you can paint it to match the exterior of the house. A similar idea would be to use the pallet and the shelves on the back to make a bookshelf.


If you can find large pallets, then you can easily make a headboard for any bed in the home. You’ll want to anchor the pallet to the wall so that it stays in place. Sand and clean the pallets before you paint them or put designs on them depending on where the headboard will be placed in the home. A child might enjoy a delightful circus image, or you could make a beautiful scene of a starry sky for a teenager. Other furniture ideas with pallets include coffee tables, sofas, and chairs. You might have to connect a few pallets together and add a few cushions, but the end result is furniture that is comfortable and less expensive than what you would pay for new items.