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Tips for Selecting a Bathroom Vanity

The right vanity can become the focal point of the room, as well as provide storage space. Small bathrooms can appear bigger when a vanity that has a minimal frame and a mirror is selected. Drawers or bottom cupboards can eliminate bathroom clutter by adding much-needed storage space. This style is ideal for basement and half bathrooms.

A Wide Variety

Vanities are available in countless shapes, sizes, materials, and configurations. One home decor site online indicates over twenty-three thousand options when “vanities” is placed in the search box. Helpful product details are included, as well as pictures from different angles to give shoppers an accurate idea of what the piece will look like in their bathrooms.

Traditional vanities, for example, are either solid wood or wrought iron. Today solid wood is quite expensive. An alternative is laminated composite material that is strong, cost-effective, and resembles the look of wood.Modern styles include basin and cupboard combination, counters with the sink sitting on top, and fun shapes and designs for kids bathrooms.

Single and double vanities are offered to fit any size area. A large bathroom allows for more selection choices because storage space is often not an issue. Many have closets or built-in shelves for storage. An elaborate counter, an open design, or a double vanity does not have to have shelves, cupboards, or drawers.

Blending Decor Components

Those wishing the vanity to pull all the decor together will want to find a neutral color and a simple style. That combination tends to balance the impression of the fixtures, flooring, and wall color. A solid color will work well in a bathroom with a floral pattern on the shower curtain and the window treatments. Brass or chrome will go with any decor so the vanity will not have to be refinished or replaced when the bathroom is renovated.

Standing Out

Fun and whimsical vanities, unique patterns or materials, or a bold color are perfect for shoppers who want the vanity to be the focal point of the bathroom. A fancy Victorian style vanity will draw the eye to the center of the bathroom. A paisley pattern on the drawers or cupboards will brighten up the room. That is a stunning way to eliminate the dingy feel of a bathroom without natural light.